High School Survival – Demystified


Initially, High school appears like a huge building with huge classrooms, huge cafeteria and a huge crowd. But there’s nothing you can do about the “huge” thing. Stop stressing. High school isn’t a monster who’s gonna eat you up if you don’t fit, right? High school is always fun. Definitely, there are gonna be teachers (a lot of unpleasant teachers), seniors and of course freshers like you but hey, don’t worry.  The crowd would swallow you up, sooner or later. Here’s our guide which might help you survive high school better – 

1. Make way for friends

Friends got to be an integral part of your life in high school. You merely cannot survive without them. Don’t be too naive, okay? It’s very essential to know who’s got your back and who’s gossiping behind you. (Yes, people are gonna talk about you and you can’t help it so better face it ’cause gossips are harmless.)
So put a smile on your face and make some friends. Now, smiling doesn’t literally mean smiling to a guy or a girl daily in the corridor, classroom or cafeteria. That won’t really make you friends with them. You got to talk. And that doesn’t include faking. Keep a check on your tongue. Don’t ever pretend to be someone who you are not. Just be yourself and stay cool.


2. Show your school spirit!

Attend pep rallies, home games, school plays, dances, and talent shows. You will feel better about your life and like to spend time in school. Having school spirit will help you gain a sense of community and to not feel so alone.
The more events you attend, the more likely you will be to make friends. Wear your school colours on the right day. Do not be afraid of looking uncool. Nothing is more uncool than being apathetic.


3. Join a club.

You will meet new people, and will have fun pursuing a new interest. An art club, language club, school government, or even a peer counselling program could all help you find what your true mission in life is!
High school is your time to figure out what you want to pursue in college, and potentially for the rest of your life, so be receptive to anything that comes your way.
Club involvement will also help you look like a stronger candidate when it is time to apply to college.
Join your school’s Key Club or another volunteering club. Volunteering is a great way to help your community while having fun.

4. Get help if you are being bullied.

If someone starts to give you a hard time, stand up to him as soon as possible. Don’t just run away or put up with it, but lay down your boundaries and set limits. If you don’t, then it will be a long four years because it only gets worse. Bullies love to get you going off track.

5. Dress up well and look smart

Always wear clean clothes and make an impression. Find your own style, something comfortable and efficient. You don’t have to wear what all the popular kids are wearing — be original! However, don’t get too crazy with clothes; you’re at school to learn, not to model. No matter what you wear, make sure your clothes are clean and free of wrinkles. Showing that you put time into your appearance will make a big difference. Guys should be appropriately groomed with a neat hairstyle and well maintained facial hair. On the other hand, girls should be careful about not putting in too much make-up.
Don’t wear revealing or inappropriate clothes that violate your school’s dress code.

6. Develop strong relationships with your teachers.

You do not have to be the teacher’s pet, but you should still be friendly and engaged with your teachers. After all, you never know when you may later need one of them to give you a letter of recommendation! Remember that your teachers are the ones who give you the grades, so you should make them inclined to like you.


7.Don’t try to be very popular
Don’t spend every waking moment of your life trying to be the popular one. If you’re likeable and someone people want to be around, they’ll naturally gravitate towards you for being you.


8. Watch your grades!

Good grades are important but you don’t want to wreck your life getting them. Just because you get straight A’s doesn’t mean you’re life is perfect. And it’s not a guarantee that you will become popular around school, either.
“Omygosh! That’s it! Stick a fork in me – I’m done!” These are the things you might be thinking if you get a F. But it’s not the end of the world! Sometimes getting an F can make you want to do better next time. Look at it as a warning signal, do something about it and move on.


9. Stay organized!

Stay organized and don’t procrastinate. You need to stay on top of your assignments, upcoming quizzes and tests, and other things you need to get done. Keeping a planner or recording homework and important dates down in a phone or tablet will make sure you stay organized. To do lists are also great, especially if you need to prioritize assignments. What I like to do is take a bunch of sticky notes, and I write o and I write one assignment, quiz, or test per sticky note. If I don’t have a lot of colored sticky notes, I make green, yellow, or red marks according to priority, then I stick them on the wall in front of my desk in columns according to date. When I finish a task on a sticky note, it’s gratifying to rip it off the wall, crumple it up, and throw it in the trash!


10. Say no to bad stuff
Don’t go around doing bad things, asking for trouble, getting into fights, or creating drama. Just don’t. This is like flushing your year down the toilet. Bye-bye. Also, make sure your friends are people who also live by this rule — you don’t need negative influences in your life.


11. Be yourself

Hold on to who you are and what’s important to you. It’s easy to lose yourself in high school, but just stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone change that. My sophomore year I had to go through a lot of adjustments in a new school and new city, and when I was having a really hard time and started forgetting who I am, I turned to my two biggest passions to start becoming myself again. I started writing again and practiced piano for hours every day, both of which gave me creative outlets for my emotions. I reminded myself of the bright future I’ve spent years setting myself up for, and in the end I got a life motto out of it that I write everywhere: Dream. Believe. Hope. Live. Love. So even in your darkest moments, if you just remember a silver of who you are, you’ll make it through.

In the end, you need to enjoy yourself. School is a nightmare – unless you got inside track. Don’t overthink! High school is always fun. Enjoy it at its fullest because you will always miss it when it ends.

-A&D 🙂